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DA Family Community
Techno Beethoven
26th-Mar-2014 07:51 pm - Kenichi Ito Question
Shugo Hanasaki
So I found a little treasure on the internet in perfect quality but for the life of me I can't find what single or album it comes from.

Kenichi did an amazing cover of "You Spin Me Round" Anyone know where it belongs or if there is cover art for it? What year it was released?
For anyone still checking this place, access' first 3 albums and DA's D-Trick and Electromancer are all being remastered and re-released September 11th as listed on access' official site!!
7th-Nov-2012 08:23 pm - BRING IN THE LIFE

I have returned, with some updates on hand.

Our lovely musician has been too hectic for my slow brain to catch up, so I shall skip a little of that. I bring you, TTTTTMMMMMMREEEEVOOOOOLUUUUUUTIIIOOOOON!

I sense much DA composition here~Collapse )
15th-Sep-2012 10:43 am - T.M.R.'s Cloud Nine on iTunes.
I checked iTunes and found Cloud Nine is now on US iTunes!  Finally he's releasing stuff in America in some way.
21st-Aug-2012 07:34 pm - DA Fun
Okay, this sort of popped into my head while on my way to work. Finish the sentence:

"If I could listen to Daisuke Asakura play any song on the piano, it would be __________________"

For me, it would be Clair de Lune. <3 

Your turn! Ready...GO! XD

Also, random factoid: The tan and black pants Hiro wears on the cover of Higher Than Dark Sky are BCBG Max Azria. My friend stubled upon a pair while shopping. Not surprisingly, they're marketed on the website as women's jeans. Oh, Hiro. <3
25th-Jul-2012 03:33 pm - Access - Secret Cluster Tracklist
Shugo Hanasaki
[DISC:1] [CD]
1. vibe cluster (Instrumental)
2. Bet ~追憶のRoulette~ Album ver.
3. Beyond the Second-D.
4. Star Tribal
5. Let me go
6. Stand By
7. ChaOs GrAdatioN
8. f☆R☆E☆e
9. Wild Butterfly Album ver.
10. Secret Dimension (Instrumental)
11. 20th Sincerely
[DISC:2] [CD]
1. Doubt & Trust ~ダウト&トラスト~
3. Dream Runner
5. Higher Than Dark Sky
6. アオイナミ
8. Share The Love
9. Keep It
10. Ride Up For The Shiny Way
20th-Jul-2012 04:15 pm - access ALBUM NAME!
Hello there <3 I'm new to this community, but I follow it since... 2009 I think =P

For my first post, I just want to announce the name of the new access album ;D

It will be "Secret Cluster" =)

I really can't wait!

(sorry, but I really don't know what I should day, I'm kinda of shy xD)
10th-Jul-2012 10:36 pm - It's HERE!!!!

Look what's on the keyboard!!!

If you preordered it from CDJapan it shipped Monday morning, Japan time, so we'd hopefully get it in time for the release.
Here's a better pic of it, which Jon in the background. 

8th-Jul-2012 02:44 pm - Michihiro Kuroda - XXX3
Shugo Hanasaki
Rin has a new remix album coming out on July 18th. The track list is

1 Bitter & Sweet - チヨコレイト
2 Hanging Future - Trying
3 Feel Chance - CLOVER
4 Purple Butterfly - 紫
5 Play of ZEUS - グッドラック摩天楼
6 emerald techno - STARLET
7 Corkscrew Coaster 2012
26th-Jun-2012 08:34 pm - Dai-chan: Teacher?
It seems DA taught a class and a book was published? Or something like that...

Anyone have info, thoughts, etc?

Also, does anybody know if Access will be having a live stream this year? I missed last years. >.
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